Taylor Swift - cowboy like me (Official Lyric Video)

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Official lyric video by Taylor Swift performing “cowboy like me” - off her evermore album.
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Music video by Taylor Swift performing cowboy like me (Lyric Video). © 2020 Taylor Swift

Maria Paula Beltran
Maria Paula Beltran 2 саат мурун
this song .... gay vibes ....
Jay Moyses
Jay Moyses 7 саат мурун
this song makes me want to be a con artist
P N Күн мурун
you are clown like me
tech enthusiast
tech enthusiast Күн мурун
taylor : isn’t it romantic that my elogies eulogise me also taylor : and the tennis court covered with some tent like thing
Lynx C.A
Lynx C.A Күн мурун
This song hits different
raze tadaichi
raze tadaichi Күн мурун
I can listen to this song the whole day💛💛
Mandy Chung
Mandy Chung Күн мурун
Her voice feels like a warm & soft blanket covering you in a chilly spring morning.
Brainsthorming 2 күн мурун
This is my privete Wioming and Brockback Mountain in a song.🤠🤠🤠
Brainsthorming 2 күн мурун
If "Tim McGraw" and "Cold as You" have a children.❤️❤️👏
P N 2 күн мурун
Siti Sarah
Siti Sarah 2 күн мурун
Perched in the dark..., thats giving me a vibe! Soo classy this song like if you want to chill and have a me time.
Str3am str3am
Str3am evermore album
Str3am str3am str3am
Jakob Whale
Jakob Whale 3 күн мурун
So far into her career and only getting better, I mean, talk about WRITING A SONG wow!
Frank -Undercover Dragon-
Frank -Undercover Dragon- 3 күн мурун
What if...the tennis court was covered in a tent like thing...and we were both cowboys...and you hung from my lips like the gardens of Babylon...jk...unless 😳👉👈
Madelane Foxall
Madelane Foxall 3 күн мурун
Am I the only one who sings it like "Coward like me." Instead of "Cowbow."?
HBDiniz _10
HBDiniz _10 4 күн мурун
This song is 100% about gay cowboys and no one can prove me otherwise.
Nehit Tiwari
Nehit Tiwari 4 күн мурун
What is a con artist?
carlye 5 күн мурун
just a theory but- folklore release date - july 24, 2020 exactly 20 weeks later evermore got released - december 11, 2020 exactly 20 weeks later would be april 30, 2021 (4.30.21) look at the time on the clock in this video. 4:30!!
Anne Stewart
Anne Stewart 5 күн мурун
I simply and legitimately cannot with this woman i-
Grim Reaper
Grim Reaper 5 күн мурун
this is the most romantic song ever
Bliss Avenue Tours
Bliss Avenue Tours 7 күн мурун
Mumford and sons fan like me.
Bliss Avenue Tours
Bliss Avenue Tours 7 күн мурун
Hello Mumford and sons fans!
Janna Alfonso
Janna Alfonso 7 күн мурун
Randy Ajo
Randy Ajo 7 күн мурун
fancy song
Jordan Lee
Jordan Lee 7 күн мурун
This has become the song on evermore that I keep going back too now. So underrated. Love her vocals throughout this song too and the country esque production too. Incredible writing
Tanya Watkins
Tanya Watkins 6 күн мурун
evan 8 күн мурун
I'm sad this is so underrated 😓
Anne Stewart
Anne Stewart 8 күн мурун
Sounds like heaven
Karla Cajas
Karla Cajas 8 күн мурун
This song reminds me of Queens' Gambit ♡
Hà Phương Nguyễn
Hà Phương Nguyễn 8 күн мурун
Me after my imaginary girlfriend rejects me 💗💜💙
super emma
super emma 9 күн мурун
One of my favourite songs from this album 🥲🥲
semds 9 күн мурун
You’ll Float Too
You’ll Float Too 9 күн мурун
This is the story of how Bonnie & Clyde from ‘Getaway Car’ met
Kaan 9 күн мурун
whenever i listen to this I'm thinking 1:47 is the ending omg it so much like a ending. maybe it's because of invisible string. i wonder why she chose that part to add harmony.
Grace Wilson
Grace Wilson 10 күн мурун
Not sure if this has already been speculated but ‘cowboy like me’ is the 11th song on her album, makes me wonder if there is an album coming of April 30th it’s announced on this song because after Fearless it will be her 11th album???? 🧐🧐🧐
Super Aussie Kids Fun TV
Super Aussie Kids Fun TV 10 күн мурун
Imagine this song as a mv Taylor in the desert and then Taylor in the bar Omg omg that would be amazing just think about it 💛💛
James Brincefield
James Brincefield 11 күн мурун
I think this is low key the best song she’s made in the past five years.
Anne Stewart
Anne Stewart 8 күн мурун
DIVERGENT 11 күн мурун
My fav song
Is anyone here also thinks of the movie and story Brokeback Mountain?
Cat O
Cat O 11 күн мурун
Okay but what if this is about broke back mountain
Kong Chanley
Kong Chanley 11 күн мурун
Best songwriter taytay
M C 11 күн мурун
Sorry, the old taylor can't come on the phone, right now. Why? Oh, cause she's busy writing folklore and evermore and making two documentaries and re-recording her albums.
crazy girl
crazy girl 11 күн мурун
this is the best song EVER
Vinicius Sousa
Vinicius Sousa 11 күн мурун
you all know that she's talking about a gay couple who are in the closet right????
MadamPluto 11 күн мурун
This is one of the two Taylor Swift-songs I can relate to in any way.
MadamPluto 10 күн мурун
@Dena Macxz Mean.
Dena Macxz
Dena Macxz 11 күн мурун
What is the other one?
Xavier F.Z
Xavier F.Z 11 күн мурун
Why is this song so underrated?? It’s literally one of the best song in Evermore💕
Mohamed Mousa Bakhit
Mohamed Mousa Bakhit 11 күн мурун
Vane Vivaldi
Vane Vivaldi 12 күн мурун
Just a few reconogize this master piace. Like tolerate it. Sad, beautifull, romántic in all the leters. This doesnt exist anymore
Stephanie Colburn
Stephanie Colburn 13 күн мурун
Lowkey wanna dance to this at my wedding
thulio 13 күн мурун
People who disliked need a covid test, because they have no taste.
Dylan Blake
Dylan Blake 12 күн мурун
Okay. This is gold 😂
DEONTE TERREL 13 күн мурун
TAYLOR SWIFT!!💜💙❤️....
joey de leon
joey de leon 13 күн мурун
This is criminally underrated. Top 3 in evermore.
Abby 13 күн мурун
"And the old men that I've swindled really did believe I was the one." - makes me feel like a really gorgeous lady just charming and toying with older men left and right
Andi So
Andi So 13 күн мурун
I would love to hear a live version of this wonderful masterpiece
Sara Shaneli
Sara Shaneli 13 күн мурун
This song reminds me brokeback mountains 😣😭😭😭😭💔💔💔
Taylor Dilday
Taylor Dilday 14 күн мурун
Unpopular opinion: Kacey Musgraves needs to be featured in another version of this song w/ Taylor Swift. I can literally hear the perfection of their voices combined on this track in my head... 😍
Nils Sjöberg
Nils Sjöberg 14 күн мурун
Lady CL
Lady CL 14 күн мурун
And I sent this to a cowboy like me, and he asked "but what in the song made you remember me?" 😐 Now we don't talk anymore
Ivy Torio
Ivy Torio 14 күн мурун
Str3am evermore album
A.P.critology 14 күн мурун
Sounds like a Hozier song
Tanya Watkins
Tanya Watkins 15 күн мурун
Awesome song awesome music. 🌻💚
Patrick Freivald
Patrick Freivald 15 күн мурун
Look, I'm not saying I'm a forty-four year old man who has listened to this song on repeat for three weeks straight, but I'm not not saying it, either. Morgan Freeman, overdub: He's totally saying it, bruh
Tiffany Taylor
Tiffany Taylor 15 күн мурун
I love this song so much....i have a crush on someone and this song makes me think of them
william 15 күн мурун
this sounds like the best song on evermore
Brainsthorming 2 күн мурун
Yes It is. More than Champagne Problems. Judge me but I think for me It is.
no body, no crime
no body, no crime 15 күн мурун
the first time i heard this, it didnt poke my attention..i guess it grew up on me, i love this now
Rawan Hussien
Rawan Hussien 15 күн мурун
Why I feel like there is someone singing with Taylor
zoriah mendoza
zoriah mendoza 6 күн мурун
because there is, its marcus mumford
nina 15 күн мурун
the beginning of the song sounds like a continuation of something
Mariana Otoni
Mariana Otoni 15 күн мурун
"Cawboy like me" is the "Getaway car" of the evermore era
裘以峰 16 күн мурун
tieja_burnew 16 күн мурун
Unpopular Opinion: This is one of my all time favorites by her. 🤠🧡
Anne Stewart
Anne Stewart 8 күн мурун
cristal cayabyab
cristal cayabyab 16 күн мурун
I love this song so much . like even i repeat it for a millions of times i will never get tired of it. and the voice of her it chills me up to the bone.
Dutch One
Dutch One 16 күн мурун
One of her best songs. Which is hard to say because so much of her music is top notch.
Dana Azzoug
Dana Azzoug 16 күн мурун
A song about meeting your match :)
Cecily Peters
Cecily Peters 16 күн мурун
Who's the guy in the background?
Phone Myint Htwe
Phone Myint Htwe 16 күн мурун
I listened to this song many times when it was released, but I don't like it. Now, I'm really slowly obsessed with it. Some of Taylor's songs take time to be your favorite. For me, it was my tear ricochet in Folklore and now it is cowboy like me in Evermore. Don't be upset if you don't like Taylor's songs. Time will tell.
Cakemania Italia
Cakemania Italia 16 күн мурун
Beautiful. reminds so much of The Cowboy Junkies.
randeraad 16 күн мурун
Sounds like Taylor ate Lana del Rey and then recorded a song.
just be a nice human
just be a nice human 13 күн мурун
LOOL ! ahahha
randeraad 16 күн мурун
@Arctic Wolf Someone! Stop the press!
Arctic Wolf
Arctic Wolf 16 күн мурун
You do know that Lana doesn't own lower registers, right?
Idious Underdog
Idious Underdog 16 күн мурун
At first a skip, now on repeat. WOW.
Cecillio Relucio
Cecillio Relucio 16 күн мурун
This song is so calming 🙏
Big Mark
Big Mark 17 күн мурун
Anne Stewart
Anne Stewart 17 күн мурун
What's up with people sleeping on THE best song ever??!!! Someone explain please bc i-
manu muñoz
manu muñoz 17 күн мурун
beth and benny from the queen’s gambit, that’s it
Hontai Wangshu
Hontai Wangshu 17 күн мурун
"Cowboy like me" is the "all too well" of _evermore_ when we consider how they're both more popular among Swifties than the mainstream listeners.
1ts M3
1ts M3 18 күн мурун
Best Song on her discography, there I said it
zoriah mendoza
zoriah mendoza 12 күн мурун
Anne Stewart
Anne Stewart 17 күн мурун
I AGREE!!!!!
Alex Smith
Alex Smith 18 күн мурун
Agatha M
Agatha M 18 күн мурун
marcus mumford?? from mumford and sons?? woaah
Eric Bardson
Eric Bardson 18 күн мурун
3:48 This is where the best part of this song starts(for me). I love the entire song but getting to this part feels absolutely rewarding. 🥺
Boerner William
Boerner William 18 күн мурун
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Sherin 18 күн мурун
sounds like (slow dance ) by Kelly clarkson
Luna B.
Luna B. 19 күн мурун
All the songs in folklore and evermore are truly timeless.
AirWaterLandBuffalo 19 күн мурун
Mostly when people say the new Taylor stuff sounds like Lana, I think they're being silly, acting like Lana is the only one making soft guitar/piano music. But this song in particular... yeah, this is the most Lana thing I've ever heard.
Vaibhavi Rajpoot
Vaibhavi Rajpoot 19 күн мурун
It makes me feel like a lullaby
agus saefulloh
agus saefulloh 20 күн мурун
Other artist: I met you at a wedding party Taylor: and the tennis court was covered up with some tent-like thing
Aaron Alberto Vela
Aaron Alberto Vela 20 күн мурун
After I publish my first major novel, I will reveal that I am the guy that Taylor Swift talks about in her Folklore and Evermore albums cause why not 😃 ❤️
Christine F
Christine F 20 күн мурун
Taylor, I LOVE YOU!! Thank you for bringing your beautiful art into this world
Elin Canessa-Evans
Elin Canessa-Evans 20 күн мурун
listen to it sped up and its even better
Elin Canessa-Evans
Elin Canessa-Evans 20 күн мурун
amazing i love u taylor
Play 8D
Play 8D 20 күн мурун
sounds like *mad woman* from *_folklore_*
Taylor Swift 13
Taylor Swift 13 21 күн мурун
Taylor Swift has pure talent
SarahsSeniorYear 21 күн мурун
I really want to make this my first dance song.
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